TopicNot Being Able To Access Bellsouth Email On IOS 11.1/2 /3? Read This Guide

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    If you are a sufferer of this problem, then here’s a quick fix for you. Depending on the type of error or problem you are getting, we have mentioned the steps according to it. You can follow the steps without any problem.

    1. Blank screen on email app: Getting blank screen on opening the email app is a sign of wrong email address added or email contains apostrophe symbol. To troubleshoot this irritating problem, follow the steps mentioned here as under:
    • Remove your BellSouth email account from the app.
    • Delete all emails consuming more than 6 MB space on the server. All emails which are not of use or promotional emails must be deleted immediately.
    • Delete your outbox folder.
    • Restart your phone by pressing the power button to turn it off first and press the button again to turn it on. This will refresh the system memory.
    • Perform restoration function: This function will delete all emails and data from your phone. So, before performing this function, you must take backup of your important data in your computer or on iCloud storage.
    1. No new mail receiving in BellSouth email inbox and repeated error message for the wrong password: If you are not being able to receive any new mail in the inbox folder of your BellSouth email and keep on receiving the error message for the wrong password, then there is definitely some problem in the incoming server settings. You need to cross check the settings and configure them again if required.
    • Open phone lock either via PIN or via Touch ID.
    • Go to email app and click on BellSouth email.
    • Here, you will find logout option on the top right corner.
    • Logout of your account and click to add the account again.

    Important: If you are receiving all your important and promotional messages in the Trash folder, then there is need to check the settings of your account. For this go to ‘I am receiving messages in trash folder’ link.




    BellSouth Email Login | BellSouth Net Email Login | BellSouth Email Settings

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