TopicProblems In Configuring Bellsouth Email With iPhone X? Here Is The Fix

  • Fri 14th Sep 2018 - 12:47pm



    By following below-mentioned steps, you will be able to fix the problem Bellsouth email not working on iPhone X quite easily.

    1. You need to begin with turning on your iPhone X.
    2. From the home screen, tap ‘settings’ and then, tap ‘General’.
    3. There will be a ‘reset’ button in the ‘General’ menu that you need to tap followed by tapping ‘reset settings’.
    4. Now, if there is any email account that has been properly set up on your iPhone X, then you need to select that. It could be that email account, which is creating problems for Bellsouth email.
    5. It’s time to go to ‘settings’ again, then, ‘mail’ > ‘accounts’ and finally, tap your email. Click ‘accounts’ now and then, tap your Bellsouth email.
    6. After you tap Bellsouth email account, you will have to go through the information that is given there such as, your incoming and outgoing mail servers.
    7. There is an email settings lookup tool that you can take help from in order to check the settings of your Bellsouth email account. Then, verify those settings with the ones that you see on your Apple iPhone.

    The problem of Bellsouth email not working on iPhone X is probably going to solve by following above-mentioned steps. But, in case it remains persistent, then you need to get in touch with the Device Help to find the right solution for the problem. They have fixed similar kind of issues in the past, so they can help you in the best manner.




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