TopicMany of historical moments are used to shape Mafia City’s world

  • Tue 10th Jul 2018 - 9:13am

    Enjoy filling people with bullets? Then you'll love these fantastic first-person shooters. 
    The trailer makes little sense without a bit of context, so let us help out a little (or you could just watch a more informative trailer below). Play Mafia Online,Those photos show images of vietnam veteran Lincoln Clay, the protagonist of the game, who is part of the Black Mob. His gang mates were murdered in an attack by the Italian Mafia, which appears to be shown here too.

    The main character in the trailer is quite clearly a Mafia boss, thanks to following distinct stereotypes of how godfathers look (cheers, Marlon). A sequences sees a faceless character that appears to be Lincoln pulling a gun on this boss and shooting him dead. Footage intercut between this shows the Mafia boss being dressed for his funeral. 
    Official site: Mafia City

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