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  • Sat 7th Jul 2018 - 6:07am

    1. Eases Symptoms of Arthritis: The anti-inflammatory properties of copper gluconate play an important part in alleviating the symptoms of arthritis. Taking a copper multivitamin supplement is very beneficial, as in addition to copper gluconate, such supplements usually contain zinc, which also helps to reduce inflammation and pain that rheumatoid arthritis patients suffer from.

    2. Copper for a Healthy Heart: Copper helps to maintain proper rhythm of your heart, thus reducing your risk of arrhythmias (heart rhythm disorders). Copper gluconate has proved to be effective in lowering high blood pressure and also in lowering high cholesterol levels; both of which bode very well for your heart. But the benefits of copper for your heart don't just stop here. As copper gluconate is a very powerful antioxidant, it lowers the damage caused by the action of free radicals, thus reducing your risk for various heart ailments.

    3. Strengthens Bones: Copper helps in the production and maintenance of collagen, which is a protein that ensures optimum structure and strength of bones, cartilages, tendons, and surrounding tissue. Because of this ability to support collagen, copper minimizes the loss of bone density and thus reduces risk of osteoporosis.

    4. Want Beautiful Hair and Skin? Take Copper: The color of your eyes, skin, and hair is all due to a naturally occurring pigment known as melanin. Copper gluconate is a vital element in melanin, and can thus help to maintain your natural coloring. If you have started graying, and it is due to lack of enough copper, you can get back your hair color by taking copper supplements. Definitely a very easy way to become younger, wouldn't you say?




  • Tue 10th Jul 2018 - 9:02am

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