TopicHard Work And A Little Faith Can Break Any Mountain, If You're Willing To Venture Into The Unknown

  • Wed 13th Jun 2018 - 11:25am

    Build Muscle

    Napoleon Hill identifies persistence as a key requirement Subliminal360 to achieve financial freedom. Persistence helps you pick yourself up after those knocks, and get back on track. Think of those tasks you don't enjoy doing and usually try to avoid. Change your attitude and stick with them until they're finished. Better still; seek out extra tasks that will help you build your stickability. The more often you succeed, the more you will see yourself as someone who can stick with things through thick and thin.

    The devastating impact of negative emotions is also explained in Think and Grow Rich. Divert the energy of strong negative emotions into positive actions. Instead of wallowing in anger, irritation or frustration transmute it to determination, commitment, persistence and strong self-belief.


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