Topic The First Four Weeks After LAP-BAND Surgery

  • Tue 12th Jun 2018 - 7:57am

    Which one, which one do I try? It's enough to make you cry. OK! Neuro Slimmer System Enough of the bad poetry. Stop, take a deep breath and read

    Next we come to exercise as a part of our overall weight loss plan. In most cases exercise can be very beneficial in burning calories and our overall health. However, there are factors we must take into consideration. Do I have a heart condition or other medical conditions that exercise could aggravate and worsen that condition. Only a doctor can answer these questions for you. If you are obese please, Please don't start an exercise regiment without FIRST consulting a doctor.

    If you are cleared for exercise remember these three points:

    1. Do not start out with the, "maximum effort syndrome." Many folks do this and they burn out before they get started. Take it slow at first. Let your body get use to the exertion your putting it through.

    2. Always warm up with pre-workout stretching. Breath deeply taking in lots of oxygen. This prepares muscle for exercise and cuts down on the fatigue.

    3. Get into an aerobic type routine and build up to it as your body allows.



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