TopicSurvival Preparation Made Easy

  • Tue 12th Jun 2018 - 6:07am

    Plan to survive

    The easiest thing to do when preparing for a disaster Easy Cellar is to create a survival plan. Think this sounds a bit extreme? In some countries like Australia, suburban home owners are issued sample survival plans by the government as massive fire outbreaks are a constant threat even in popular cities.

    A survival plan should cover things such as meeting points, communication alternatives, key locations, contact details and special needs etc. This plan does not need to be an elaborate 25 page document it can simply be a list. Creating a survival plan is a free and very easy and should be the first thing you do.


    There are a number of basic essentials that we humans need to survive. Most of our basic survival essentials are taken care of day-to-day. We get our water, electricity and food fairly easily. For this reason, most of us don't feel the need to carry all the daily essentials around with us, we know these things will happen, day after day.


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