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  • Wed 16th May 2018 - 10:39am

    There will also be a weakening of the shoulder Nerve Renew associated with impingement, tears, tendonitis and pain. It is possible for pain associated with a straightforward tear to fade away over a period of months. That is not true for the weakness that will remain and increase if left untreated.This recovery from pain will be greatly speeded up and enhanced with the correct torn rotator cuff treatment and use of exercise. Exercise has the added bonus of reversing any weakness that may have developed.The most severe rotator cuff pain is reserved for a full thickness tear that also detaches the tendon from the humerus. There will be severe pain, with a sudden onset. This will, gradually lessen over time, but it will still be painful. In the case of a chronic tear, which develops over time, the pain is unlikely to diminish because the process is ongoing.

    I can only relate personal experience and from that experience I have come to learn that if we rage against our pain, which is so often the natural thing to do, then it just becomes worse and we become frustrated and angry.If we can instead look at our pain, especially those of us with chronic pain, as our friend, as someone who is with us all the time. It is a constant companion, so instead, choose to send it love.As you do that you will find that laughter returns to your life because you will see that in spite of the pain you are able to laugh at life knowing that it is your friend, it's not something that you can change, it's not something to get rid of, it's something to embrace. By that I don't mean making it more than it is, I don't mean hanging on to it, I mean letting it go, loving it for what it is, when it's there and when it's not being joyful and happy.

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