TopicFour Foods to Avoid Whilst on a Fat Loss Diet

  • Tue 15th May 2018 - 11:14am

    Do strong emotions or stress impact your eating? Do you French Wine for a Flat Belly reach for a snack when you are stressed or bored, tired, or anxious? Do you nibble mindlessly at your desk? If so, it's a signal that emotional eating is a part of your weight battle. Overeating and emotional eating often occur when you have "too much to do and too little time." The pressure to accomplish all that you do can actually contribute to the problem. Food is easy to turn to for comfort, stress relief or a quick reward. When time is at a premium and your schedule is demanding, making healthy choices can be a serious challenge, and "me" time can feel like an impossible dream.So, what can you do as a family to change the eating patterns in your household so your children can become healthier, thinner, and happier adults? Here are some great ideas to start with that you can ease into a routine. Bottom line, make it fun!

    Whenever you can, plan outdoor activities such as bike riding or trips to the local park. We all work hard as parents and have very little time when it comes to extracurricular activities but that doesn't mean putting that last on a long list of priorities. Make time for your children to be active and exert some physical energy. Kids are naturally active and rambunctious and usually have energy to burn. If you don't allow an outlet for it, it becomes dormant and lazy. That's when behavioral problems show themselves. Keep them active and healthy with some scheduled fun time. They won't even realize they're exercising. A win-win situation is for you to participate as well to show them how important exercise is and that you're willing to do it with them. It's also great quality time with your kids.

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