TopicThree Ways You Can Improve Your Vision Today

  • Tue 15th May 2018 - 7:41am

    A toric lens counters this effect, which results in  distance  Outback Vision Protocol vision being improved and distance glasses being put away. It does depend on how far astigmatism has progressed, but the toric lens is certainly an effective option, allowing those who are implanted with it to reduce their dependency on eye glassesThe mutlifocal lens differs from the monofocal in so far as it provides more than one focus zone in the lens. This means that through a multifocal lens, the eye can focus comfortably on objects both far and near, and in doing so restores all but perfect sight and makes a life without glasses a reality.

    The lens is shaped like a bullseye with concentric circles of differing strength. It sounds complicated, and there have been concerns over whether or not the patient can accept such a lens, but the brain adapts to the new situation over time.One of the most cleverly designed lenses available, the accommodative lens actually moves in unison with the muscles in the eye to allow natural focusing abilities. For example, if a person focuses on an object a distance away, then the muscles in the eye relax, and the lens responds by falling slightly back in the eye, thereby allowing for clear vision.Then, when looking at something close, the muscles in the eye contract, pushing the lens forward to focus clearly on it. This lens also rules out the need for glasses, though patients with astigmatism will need to have that condition addressed first.

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