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  • Mon 14th May 2018 - 6:21pm

    Homeopathic remedies for cold sores are very safe to use and can be quite effective against the virus. So if you think the sore you have is a fever blister the next question is how can it be treated at home? The following are several remedies at home that have been found effective, herpes blitz protocol.

    Cold milk can help you get rid of cold sore. Cold milk can also give you a feeling of relief. All you have to do is damped a cotton ball into some cold milk and apply it on your sore.

    Fever blisters can be treated with ice. This is a very good treatment to provide immediate pain relief. What you should do is rub the ice on the infected area. Do it for a few minutes and repeat it every hour. Whenever you feel like a cold sore is starting to develop you can rub ice on it to prevent it from erupting into a fully open lesion.

    You can also apply petroleum jelly on your sore. It can help your sore heel fast and it can prevent bacteria from infecting it.

    Try using liquorice, this has proven helpful to relief pain of a fever blister according to researchers. So try to chew some. It has properties that help both the pain as well as the spread of the virus.

    Those are a few cold sore remedies at home that you can take and are generally available right inside your home and without the expense of a physician's visit.

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  • Mon 14th May 2018 - 8:32pm

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