TopicWeight Loss - Drink Green Tea

  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 1:24pm

    Here are some questions to ask as you are flipping through Green Barley Plus the channels and an infomercial has caught your eye.How long will the program last? On average someone will lose a healthy 1-3 lbs of fat per week so if it is a 30 day program and you are only trying to lose 15 lbs it might work for you. In addition most infomercials are focused on weight loss. If you are working to build muscle then you may not lose as much since you will be gaining muscle.What kind of support will you receive? Is this just an DVD or is it a Nutrition and online support program as well? Exercising alone will not help you lose the weight, diet is a key component. Support and motivation is another key factor.

    Does the program only focus on one core area of the body? Ab exercise equipment and gadgets tend to be the most popular. If you are in shape and looking for a targeted gadget for that area this might work. However, if you are trying to get the model abs and need to lose a few pounds this probably will not work. You need an overall fitness program that works all areas of the body. Focusing on just ab crunches will definitely build your ab muscles, but not necessarily help you lose the fat covering those abs.


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