Topic Avoid Foods That Create Inflammation and Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease, Arthritis and Obesity

  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 11:35am

    Many older people find coffee now causes them problems -- they're  Adrena Thrive Reviewnot ready to give up on the benefits of coffee, but decaf and even tea, while better, just don't have the "uumph" that reformed coffee-drinkers crave.

    Many of the new health tonics utilize a different form of caffeine, called guarana, that offers numerous advantages over the caffeine in coffee and tea -- guarana is a mellower, longer-lasting stimulant, that contains the compound theophylline, an alkaloid also found in dark chocolate and responsible for that feeling of "falling in love" commonly associated with chocolate.

    Carrying your own favorite energy drink when traveling makes it easier to control how much stimulation you get, unlike when depending on all the different blends of coffee beans and the strength of the resultant brew.

    The healthier energy tonics contain natural buffering agents, such as panax ginseng, fiber, and the herb maca, that smooth the rough edges of a caffeine buzz and add dimensions of stamina and general vitality not found in coffee.

    A well-formulated energy drink is predictably stimulating without being overpowering. It is complete in providing what you are looking for -- alertness, refreshment, improved mood, and stamina.


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