TopicFood Additives: What to Avoid to Keep Your Family Healthy

  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 11:33am

    It is one giant magic act, they are making a lot of noise Nutrition Hacks Greens over here with this new product while on the other side they are slowly taking your money. Then when the next big product comes out they will make a little more noise with that over here again and take a little more money on the other side.The point here is that the people in the world today that have found the answers on how to achieve weight loss and keep that weight off are thinking more about how to turn a profit out of it instead simply helping them. Whatever happened to helping people out of the goodness of your heart instead of the echo in your pocket book?
    Looking for a great additive to your salad? Try flaxseed not only will it not change the taste of the salad you already love but, you will also receive all the benefits of the healthy seed.

    Flaxseed contains Omega-3 essential fatty acids, which have been shown to have great healthy effects on the heart. Flaxseed contains Omega-3 which helps lower cholesterol and your triglycerides.. Omega-3's also result in stokes, heart attacks and thrombosis, which is the formation of a blood clot in a vessel A tablespoon of ground flaxseed contains about 1.8 grams of plant omega-3s. Flaxseed also protects against water retention, high blood pressure, and inflammation.It also contains Lignans, have both estrogen and antioxidant qualities. New studies have shown that lignans which are found in the seed have been shown to low risks of cancer by preventing precancerous cells from emerging. The American Cancer Society reports that lignans may reduce the growth of hormone-related cancers including prostate, breast and ovarian cancer. Flaxseed contains substantially more lignin (about 75 to 800 times) than other plant food and seeds.

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