TopicMental Illness, the Challenge and the Stigma of It

  • Fri 13th Apr 2018 - 10:10am

    All States should create cross-system agencies, commissions, or positions charged with removing Brain Plus IQ barriers and creating incentives for cross-agency activity at the State and local level

    No one system can solve this problem alone. These cross-system groups or individuals will play a key role in spanning the different administrative structures, funding mechanisms, and treatment philosophies of the mental health, substance abuse, and criminal justice systems. States must make clear that collaboration is not only possible but expected.

    In Montana, for example, the State Department of Corrections and Department of Public Health and Human Services jointly fund a boundary spanner position that facilitates shared planning, communication, resources, and treatment methods between the mental health and criminal justice systems.

    Localities must develop and implement core services that comprise an Essential System of Care:

    Recognizing the limited resources often available and the complexities of the cross-system collaborations required, the eight components of an Essential System of Care would be best approached in two phases. Phase 1 would include less expensive, easier to mount services. Phase 2 would include essential evidence-based practices that are more expensive and more challenging to implement, but are critical to actually increasing positive public safety and public health outcomes.



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