TopicThe Nuggets snag a top-two pick

  • Fri 13th Apr 2018 - 9:32am

    The full list of team representatives for the 2017 NBA Draft lottery has been revealed ahead of Tuesday night's event (8 p.m. ET, MMOgo), and while it's not a group that will have NBA (NBA 2K MT) fans sprinting toward their televisions, there are a few interesting characters.Four current players, three former players (two also performing duties in the front office), three head coaches, two general managers, one team co-owner and one legendary broadcaster will be in attendance in the hopes that their envelope is opened last. Wait, should we rank all 14 representatives based on no specific criteria at all? Yes, let's do this. Here's our complete list, starting with the obvious top choice.


    1) Sixers — Joel Embiid, current center and "The Process"Yes, Embiid is No. 1 with ease. Why?

    2) Knicks — Walt Frazier, NBA Hall of Famer, MSG Network broadcaster and debonair dresserWe get a Walt Frazier lottery suit! Will it be made entirely of ping-pong balls? Will it have Markelle Fultz's face embroidered on the inside pocket? Nothing is off the table.

    3) Lakers — Magic Johnson, team president of basketball operations and notoriously funny Twitter userIf the Lakers' pick doesn't land in the top three, they hand it off to the Sixers. Imagine the potential close-ups and split screens with Johnson and Embiid. On the other hand, if the Lakers retain their pick, Magic might just call Paul George live on air and ask him who he wants LA to draft.

    4) Heat — Alonzo Mourning, NBA Hall of Famer, current vice president of player programs and ideal bouncerMourning is the perfect representative for the Heat organization and came out a winner at the 2015 lottery when Pat Riley somehow used devil magic to steal Justise Winslow at No. 10. Also, he still looks quite strong, so I have nothing bad to say about him.

    5) Mavericks — Michael Finley, former shooting guard, two-time NBA All-Star and known posterizerFinley was never the best shooting guard in the league or necessarily the first player you named from the Mavericks teams of the late 1990s and early 2000s. But Finley just continued to get buckets over a 15-year career. He had a smooth shooting stroke and could still reach high altitude well into his 30s. (What I'm saying is I really liked Michael Finley as a kid and thought the Mavs were fun. The child version of me pushed him higher here.)

    6) Suns — Devin Booker, current shooting guard and "old, Rico Suave-looking dude," according to Tyson ChandlerBooker dropped 70 points on the Celtics and talked tremendous trash about it. If the Suns get the top pick — they have the second-best odds — we can't rule out Booker turning to the other representatives and saying, "Get that weak s— outta here!"

    7) Timberwolves — Andrew Wiggins, current forward and possible cousin of Stretch ArmstrongNothing wrong with Wiggins, but it feels like we're missing an opportunity to have Nikola Pekovic stare menacingly into the MMOgo cameras.

    8) Pelicans — Alvin Gentry, current head coach and swell guy.

    9) Magic — Frank Vogel, current head coach and swell guy.

    10) Kings — Dave Joerger, current head coach and swell guy. Coaches are fine. They don't add much to the lottery in terms of entertainment value, but fine. It would have been nice to see DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis being forced to share a chair. The real question here: will we see evil goatee Joerger or regular Joerger?

    11) Pistons — Jeff Bower, team general manager and glasses wearer.

    12) Hornets — Rich Cho, team general manager and man who wears things other than glassesGeneral managers will give you even less than coaches. Frank Kaminsky and Boban Marjanovic should be the reps. And Boban should be allowed to hold other reps like they are babies.

    13) Celtics — Wyc Grousbeck, team co-owner and possessor of great currencyGrousbeck is rich, and he almost certainly doesn't care about this list. So take your second-to-last ranking, you extremely successful person!

    14) Nuggets — Gary Harris, current shooting guard and guy in awkward spot.


    This is nothing against Harris as a player or person. It's the situation of mt 2k18. If — and this is a huge if — the Nuggets snag a top-two pick, they would likely take a guard. Harris would have to be excited about Denver drafting someone to potentially push him out of town. Thanks, Gary. See ya later!

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