TopicThe Benefits of a Juicing Diet

  • Fri 13th Apr 2018 - 6:50am

    The Paleo Diet is based on the simple idea that Gaia's Protocol instead of trying to design the ideal diet for humans, we should look at our ancestors and find the diet that humans were designed to eat. If you look at the ecosystem, you'll find that each animal is not only ideally designed to obtain a certain kind of food, they are designed to take maximum advantage of it. For example, a cat doesn't have the right teeth to break down tough vegetable matter, and a horse doesn't have the agility or the natural weapons to hunt small rodents. And even if you could force them to, you wouldn't expect a cat to be able to live on grass and apples or a horse to live on rats and birds, at least not without some serious health complications. The same holds true for people. We may have adapted somewhat to dairy products, processed grains and sugar, they may even satisfy a large chunk of our basic needs.

    However, we are still fundamentally built for those foods we originally hunted and gathered, still dependent on the hundreds of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients provided by quality vegetables, wild-caught seafood, grass-fed meats, nuts and berries. Grass fed meat is so important because it is much lower in fat than feed-lot or grain-fed, much nutritionally superior and closer to the meat our early ancestors ate.

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