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  • Sat 6th Jan 2018 - 7:56am

    Recently, the topic has become heated that whoever dominates the rev caves in runescape deadman mode tournament will take a significant advantage of high value drops. For this reason, Jagex Mod has announced that rev caves will be disabled and that fake XP drops will be a thing in the coming seasonal deadman mode.Runescape Rev Caves will no longer dominate the OSRS gold drops in DMMCurrently, people who dominate runescape rev caves in deadman mode tournaments always have a significant advantage with the ease and frequency of high value drops. Besides, the bracelets are a very common drop and essentially allow players to stay in the caves forever without taking damage assuming they don’t get pked. It looks like a bug, disobeying the rules of Runescape Deadman Mode.

    What’s worse, even the lowest level revenants have a high rate to drop high value DMM items, including rune kiteshields, dragon platelegs, dragon daggers, dragon bolts, rune crossbow, black dragonhide, blood runes, and noted sharks.Therefore, Mod Kieren announced that rev caves will be disabled in the upcoming deadman mode."Fake" XP drops are going to be a thing in next deadman season... On twitter, Mod Kieren also claimed that “fake” XP drops when players are capped in the next osrs deadman mode season will be a thing. The official team just finished work on that. Currently, they are looking for a way to make fake XP drops different from the normal ones.

    Obviously, there will be a poll for this addition, at some unknown date.All those changes would be put into use in Runescape Deadman Spring Season 2018, instead of 2017 winter dmm season. Be careful in next season. We will spare no efforts in supplying safe cheap seasonal deadman mode gold to you. Be prepared!The mmogo Team Learn Premier Club Vault Tip & Expect RuneScape Premier Club 2018 Until Nov. 30, each member can freely access the new D&D - Premier Club Vault, in which you can open chests to win rich rewards. At the same time the RuneScape Premier Club 2018 will be launched on Friday.

    We want to share some tips for the new D&D and cheap RS gold with all of you.Some tips for Premier Club VaultThe new D&D - RuneScape Premier Club Vault allows you to open as many chests as possible in one minute for gaining rewards, such as experience lamps, stars, and skilling packs. Each member can access this D&D freely anytime till November 30. And then it will be still available for Gold Premier Club Members on a monthly basis.Here are some useful RuneScape Premier Club tips. And it’s highly suggested to read them before joining in the new D&D.1.Access the Vault via a new portal on the west side of the Grand Exchange in Varrock.2.Because of the bigger the chest, the better the prize, RuneScape Gold | Buy OSRS Gold, RS3 Gold For PC/Mobile On MMOGO. - RS gold perhaps some players just want to open the bigger chests. However we don’t think just doing so is not good idea for opening larger chests takes more time, which may result in gaining less prizes overall.3.We highly suggest you should undo the closest chests together as many as possible in one minute.

    RuneScape Premier Club 2018When the new RuneSape Premier Club is released this Friday, you have a chance to gain up to 12 months’ membership at the lowest possible rate and with lots of goodies to boot.Let’s look forward to the upcoming the new package of RunScape Premier Club 2018 with cheap RS gold provided by us. In the meantime, please take part in the Premier Club Vault after learning the tips.The mmogo Team 2017 mmogo Thanksgiving Sale for Cheap RS 2007 Gold & More

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