Topicwhy somebody is more prone to acne than others?

  • Thu 21st Dec 2017 - 7:11am

    Here are some very important factors that cause a person easily affected acne, namely:

    1. Hormonal Factors

    At the time of women approaching the month, usually will experience some problems, one of which is the onset of acne on the face. This was due to an increase in the hormone progesterone factor that makes the skin produce excess oil, so as to support acne due to a buildup of fat in the skin tissue, so that blood flow is not smooth and will be clogged. So also happens in teenagers will be more vulnerable jerawt will arise because of the increase in hormone .

    2. Bacterial Factors

    Sometimes, because less maintain the cleanliness of the face, will cause bacteria will multiply. These bacteria will breed on the skin and facial skin will be clogged and will cause irritation to the skin. Continuing clearance occurs and possibilities will break. In the presence of this will cause a stubborn acne that will be difficult to treat.

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    3. Make-Up Factors

    It is no longer denied, for women choose wrong make-up and cause acne would be commonplace. So you should really pay attention in choosing make-up for your face so that your facial skin will stay healthy. Therefore choose the appropriate make-up and suitable for your skin.

    4. Stress factor

    Stress is a trigger factor of acne. With people who are stressed or depressed, their health and metabolism will be disrupted. So avoid stress and multiply laugh so as not easy to cause acne.

    5. Factors of Skin Type

    Someone who has an oily skin type will be very vulnerable once acne is affected than someone who has skin type . This is due to an excess oil blockage in the bloodstream and skin tissue.

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