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  • Thu 21st Dec 2017 - 6:42am

    HP clients have responded with rage after their printers were abruptly no longer ready to perceive informal ink cartridges. A firmware refresh, presented a week ago, now requires HP printers to have HP-chipped cartridges rather than spending options. Clients detailed being met with blunder messages including "cartridge issue" and "more established age cartridge" when they endeavored to print. Some grumbled their printers were swung to futile "blocks" after they attempted to print with non-marked ink. Dutch printing organization 123inkt affirmed it had gotten more than 1,000 grumblings since the HP Contact Number

    refresh was taken off. The change has set off an irate reaction via web-based networking media with individuals asking a blacklist of HP items and blaming the firm for holding clients prisoner. One client stated: "After numerous, numerous cheerful years utilizing and suggesting HP Printers, I have achieved the end." HP said in an announcement the updates were taken off "intermittently" and that the dismissal of non-HP cartridges could enhance item security.

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    I have purchased HP LaserJet Pro M102w Printer but the default drivers couldn't be detected or got crashed somehow (don't know the exact problem) while i have updated the Windows 10 Pro. Can't understand why HP collaborated with Microsoft in making things better.Anyways got them outsourced with

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