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  • Sat 1st Jul 2017 - 8:35am

     Infinity Scalper

    As a new trader, you are probably impatient to get to the study of charts and evaluation of various trading strategies. Surely, winning involves predicting future market direction using sophisticated technical analysis to identify the best entry and exit points for our trades? So why delay discussion of all that stuff for a look at a bit of mundane statistics?

    The reason is simple. If you regard the trading game as some kind of super intelligence test where you are pitching your skills against the rest of the world, you are unlikely to play the game with the right attitude and expectations. On the other hand, if you see trading as a numbers game, then you are more likely to approach it correctly.

    When you read books about trading you will be struck by the great emphasis placed  Infinity Scalper Review  on psychological aspects of the business. There are good reasons for that, because many traders suffer greatly from stress. They are distressed when their picks turn out to be wrong, and they are beset with doubts when they have a run of losing trades. This stress causes them to make mistakes, which increases stress even more. It becomes a vicious circle.


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