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  • Thu 16th Mar 2017 - 9:56am

    Your brain works in pictures and the sooner you learn how to create those mental file folders (a mental location to store information in) and then how to put the picture in the file folder and glue it to the file the sooner you will be able to remember. You then will be able to have the self confidence that Alzheimer's will never have a place in your life. Neither will absentmindedness, stress or any other Mild Cognitive Impairment be able to embarrass you ever again. By having a place to file Fat Metrix System something hold on to it long enough for the echoing and firing to keep echoing or firing continuously longer the better those memory traces will be laid down.

    Then when you need it the same neurons that fired originally will fire again in a clear synchronized manner to retrieve and give it back to you almost identical to the way you built it. It will never be identical because you would not know the difference of a memory and reality. If you allow enough novelty or emotion to store with the cluster the memory has a chance over the next 10 minutes to 2 years through hippocampul consolidation to lay down into the long term memory transferred from the working or short term memory. Actually the memory is laid down between stage 3 and 4 of your sleep cycles somewhere in the a.m. of sleep. So by learning how to organize and file pictures into you files and bonding them with glue you can keep it for as long as you deem necessary. The process we call Mindful Based Stress Reduction.

    Life is fun and easy when you pictureize your way through life instead of memorize. More detail and explanation of how memory can be improved will be forthcoming in future articles. The Memory Technologies Institute is a company specializing in experiential training. Training business professionals and students in corporate environments and personal settings on how to develop an instant recall memory. The skills that are necessary to maintain a productive position in today's competitive world and brain maintenance.

    MTI, by simplifying the memory process has become one of America's leading memory training workshops. Their trained memory speakers and instructors are certified in accordance with "HR Bill 6578 by President Bush Sr. in 1989 for the decade of the brain". They speak on national keynote speaking circuits nationwide. The skills taught at their workshops have been featured on television talk shows, radio programs and ABC's channel 8 nightly special "Information overload" as well as in newspapers and magazines throughout America.

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