TopicHow to activate avg my account?

  • Thu 7th Feb 2019 - 8:55am
    Looking an antivirus to safeguard your computer and other devices from online Trojan risk, cyber-attacks or peripheral virus exchanges etc. then install updated version of AVG antivirus. The Anti-Virus Guard offers multiple security assets to protect your device from any malware risk. To access advanced features of the antivirus, you need to have purchased a subscription depending on your requirement. Whether you are using the antivirus for business or personal purpose, you can select your preference from the official website. AVG is among the best Antivirus Software so if you want to activate it on your system then click on the link-

    The antivirus deliversa complete suite of features which safeguards online and offline data of the system or devices. AVG retail activation not only defends your system but also improves its performance speed using existing system optimization tool. If you have bought the antivirus from a retail store, check for the retail card provided with the disk, you will find a unique AVG activation codewhich is important while activation. If the purchase is online, you will receive the code at the registered email address.

    Before you step ahead to install the software, confirm that you meet these conditions:

    1. If you have an older version of AVG antivirus on your System, either update it or reinstall it from the official website.
    2. In case you have another antivirus, Uninstall it before downloading and installing AVG as it might cause software conflicts and even affect computer's performance. Go to control panel/ settings to uninstall other antiviruses.
    3. Make sure your computer has enough space to install the antivirus.
    4. Before you purchase AVG antivirus, it is essential to check for system specification as you need to know which version of any Operating system supports a certain version of the antivirus.
    5. If you already have been using AVG antivirus, you simply need anupgrade and reactivate it.

    If you justify all the terms, you are ready to move forward to secure your device by downloading, installing and activating the antivirus.

    Below are the steps to download, install and activate AVG:

    1. Select an AVG version reliant on your necessity and click Download.
    2. Wait until the download is in progress (It might take several minutes depending on the network speed).
    3. Select and open the folder where the downloaded file has been saved.
    4. Select AVG Setup and run the folder, this will start the installation of the antivirus.
    5. An instructions dialogue box will appear on your Window’s screen. Follow the instructions and follow the next step.
    6. Next, AVG activation page will pop up. Fill AVG activation codeand other mandatory details. Visit the link if you are not directed to the activation page.
    7. If dialogue boxes appear, mark next/ accept/ yes after reading the terms and proceed to next.
    8. Once the installation is complete, restart your computer.
    9. Click on the notification option available at the bottom-right corner of your computer’s screen (Taskbar) and select AVG icon.
    10. A new Window will appear; select activate/ reactivate according to the need.
    11. If the mentioned option doesn’t appear, probably you have opened AVG Zen window. In such case, you need to click on the protection file to go back to the main AVG user margin.
    12. If you are directed to the license page, fill the requirement and press ‘Activation’ button.

    AVG activation process is done now. It is also possible that the process takes several minutes due to poor network conditions. After the activation is complete, you can now check its validity and other details of your AVG product by selecting ‘Support’ option available at the menu bar.

  • Sat 9th Feb 2019 - 10:43am

    I exposed that AVG software was on my processor against my knowledge. Once I exposed it, I deleted it and at the same time, I erased the software from my computer. AVG deducted my account in the amount of $54.00 for a full year and I didn’t even have the software pay for research paper on my processor for that length of time.




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